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3 Month Subscription
£ 59.97

3 months of exquisite British chocolate. The package contains an extraordinary assortment of bars and truffles - flavours and mixtures unique to every month!

12 Month Subscription
£ 199.90

What’s better than 6 months? 12. And with 12, get 2 months free! This is the ultimate gift. The highest quality chocolate with rich and luxurious flavours. 

6 Month Subscription
£ 99.95

With 6 months, get one month free! For half a year, the recipient receives a package every month of unique flavours of chocolate bars and truffles.

The Chocolate Club Ongoing Subscription
£ 19.99

Become a member of our exclusive chocolate club and live the chocoholic's dream. Receive a 600g package of indulgent British chocolates, containing an extraordinary mixture of bars and truffles, unique to every month.


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